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StreetMLS NumberBedsBathsMarket TimeSq FtPrice
227 W Elm St CondoMLS#7171237212-24 days1200$89,900
206 West Brookline CondoMLS#71759248320 days1660$1,790,000
19 Hammond Place CondoMLS#71759254220 days2175$379,000
9 Linden Circle CondoMLS#71759208210 days950$2,000
56 Emily Lane CondoMLS#71759220320 days1154$259,900
160 Tyngsboro Rd. CondoMLS#71759191210 days652$104,900
52 Emily Lane CondoMLS#71759216320 days1154$259,900
7 Tewksbury Street CondoMLS#71759232210 days933$224,875
206 West Brookline CondoMLS#71759251320 days1882$2,275,000
62 Algonquin Trl CondoMLS#71759239220 days2000$299,900
206 West Brookline CondoMLS#71759249320 days1660$1,750,000
50 Emily Lane CondoMLS#71759213210 days1080$249,900
75 SUMMER STREET CondoMLS#71759194330 days3400$995,000
25 New South Street CondoMLS#71759279110 days773$225,000
151 Tremont St., 8-C CondoMLS#71759259110 days735$599,000
350 Revere Beach Blvd CondoMLS#71759282110 days869$269,999
43 Hammond Street CondoMLS#71759275330 days2280$629,900
61 Sandcastle Drive CondoMLS#71759261220 days1900$349,900
630 Franklin Street CondoMLS#71759226110 days0$1,450
19 Court St CondoMLS#71759252210 days1000$2,300
1500 Worcester Rd CondoMLS#71759198220 days1295$1,800
9-17 Harcourt Street CondoMLS#71759152220 days1237$4,550
336 Windsor Street CondoMLS#71759155310 days1000$3,100
32 WHITES AVENUE CondoMLS#71759230210 days1000$1,700
146 Seekell Street CondoMLS#71759272310 days1000$1,800
30 Juniper Road CondoMLS#71759255110 days745$900
99 Union Street CondoMLS#71759187210 days950$1,000
111 Perkins Street CondoMLS#71759206010 days591$1,600
110 Bow St. CondoMLS#71759157110 days750$1,250
31 Wheatland St CondoMLS#71759184520 days0$3,250
95 Frederick Ave CondoMLS#71759203110 days950$1,850
105 Kendall Road CondoMLS#71759277640 days5000$7,000
50 Lincoln St CondoMLS#71759219110 days0$500
3920 Mystic Valley Pkwy CondoMLS#71759236220 days1206$2,000
81 Village CondoMLS#71759161220 days1613$1,650
9-17 Harcourt Street CondoMLS#71759175220 days1237$1,249,000
3 Pailet Dr CondoMLS#71759180210 days640$59,900
4 Battery Wharf CondoMLS#71759215220 days1397$1,995,000
48 Forest CondoMLS#71759222110 days790$249,900
330 Sunderland Road CondoMLS#71759231220 days1165$152,900
540 Granby Rd CondoMLS#71759183110 days696$85,900
38 Park Rd CondoMLS#71759238310 days1120$114,900
54 Emily Lane CondoMLS#71759218320 days1154$259,900
31 Hillcrest St. CondoMLS#71759176310 days2526$2,400
84 Commonwealth Avenue CondoMLS#71759242220 days955$4,200
886 Salem End Road CondoMLS#71759174420 days1971$2,800
11 Glade Ave. CondoMLS#71759262320 days1700$2,750
33 Wheatland St CondoMLS#71759221410 days0$2,600
106 Riverdale Ave CondoMLS#71759278320 days2200$309,900
320 commonwealth ave CondoMLS#71759031111 days700$2,700
1 Iris Court CondoMLS#71759032221 days2300$2,600
29 Ripley Road CondoMLS#71759079221 days1700$1,800
28A Westwind Dr CondoMLS#71759077111 days900$1,700
28B Westwind Dr CondoMLS#71759075211 days900$1,800
225 S. Main CondoMLS#71759217311 days0$1,500
15 Michael Road CondoMLS#71759101321 days1872$1,850
128 Highland CondoMLS#71759019211 days1200$1,200
26 Marion St CondoMLS#71759078421 days1700$2,700
244 Main Street CondoMLS#71759110311 days9999$2,700
2 Avery CondoMLS#71759033221 days1600$8,200
171 Beacon CondoMLS#71759055111 days500$2,100
229 West 3rd CondoMLS#71759046211 days1125$2,800
142 Marlborough St CondoMLS#71759146111 days900$3,500
362 E Eighth CondoMLS#71759087321 days1648$3,500
60 Front Stret CondoMLS#71759116221 days1440$2,000
244 Main Street CondoMLS#71759111211 days9999$2,350
9 Home Ave CondoMLS#71759147211 days700$1,500
22 Clarke CondoMLS#71759135211 days1085$1,500
57-59 Magazine Street CondoMLS#71759149111 days768$2,200
108 Washington St CondoMLS#71759057211 days810$2,000
403 TRAPELO RD. CondoMLS#71759045211 days1000$1,600
61 Lincoln St. Ext. CondoMLS#71759095221 days910$1,500
122 Nash Road CondoMLS#71759105311 days1106$850
60 Front Street CondoMLS#71759115221 days900$1,700
11 Dorchester St CondoMLS#71759133211 days788$1,475
11 Carlton Terrace CondoMLS#71759090321 days1700$3,200
163 summer street CondoMLS#71759052411 days1950$1,850
211-213 Main Street CondoMLS#71759120211 days925$3,400
34-36 Pleasant St CondoMLS#71759086311 days950$1,500
208 Regency Lane CondoMLS#71759150221 days1886$2,150
275 Concord Ave CondoMLS#71759143311 days1116$3,400
28 Westwind Dr CondoMLS#71759072321 days1800$3,000
85 Gaslight Ln CondoMLS#71759013111 days1458$249,900
17 Highland Street CondoMLS#71759017211 days1100$375,000
8 Sea View Terrace CondoMLS#71759020221 days1300$629,000
124 Jamestown Dr CondoMLS#71759021321 days1262$161,500
37 Thurston Ave CondoMLS#71759051211 days773$97,000
240 Jackson St CondoMLS#71759068211 days1245$187,250
15 Pleasant CondoMLS#71759084111 days702$159,000
12 Parkland Lane CondoMLS#71759073221 days2504$570,590
70 Arnold Ave CondoMLS#71759114211 days754$130,000
45 Coffey Street CondoMLS#71759024331 days2100$569,000
47-51 Dorchester St CondoMLS#71759106211 days725$399,000
218 Reservoir St CondoMLS#71759092111 days1168$158,000
104 Woburn Street CondoMLS#71759118211 days900$399,000
104 Woburn Street CondoMLS#71759096211 days900$379,000
104 Woburn Street CondoMLS#71759128211 days900$399,999
807 Franklin Crossing Rd CondoMLS#71759132211 days937$155,000
2 Ocean Avenue CondoMLS#71759131111 days765$158,500
160 Commonwealth Ave CondoMLS#71759129211 days1075$799,000

Downtown Boston

Boston Condos

Find Boston Real Estate and Condos! People who live in the Downtown Boston area prefer living in a Boston condo! Boston condos are more affordable and available. Free standing boston real estate, that is, downtown boston single family homes are very rare! We strive to serve our clients by finding the very best Boston Condos available! If you need a boston rental while you look for a more permanent piece of Boston Real Estate, we can help!

Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States. The biggest in New England, Boston is regarded as the "Capital of New England" and has a significant economic and cultural impact on the New England area. Boston proper, covers 50 square miles and has a population of 617,000.

You can find Boston condos in the area called Greater Boston, home to 4.5 million people and the tenth-largest metropolitan area in the country. Greater Boston as a commuting region is home to 7.6 million people, making it the fifth-largest Combined Statistical Area in the United States.

Downtown Boston CondoSales of Boston condos at Ink Block's Sepia building are approaching 70 percent! Buy Your Boston Condo Before It's Too Late!

New England Development sure looks like it made a very wise call when it decided last year to add some new downtown boston condos to the mix at Boston's much-anticipated Ink Block development.

At the time, some real estate insiders had wondered whether the Boston condo market was truly ready for newly constructed luxury condos, assuming instead that building more high-end apartment was the safer way to go.

But advance sales of luxury condos in the Sepia building, within the much-anticipated Ink Block development in Boston's South End, are approaching 70 percent - and now the developer is weighing whether to add more condos to the project.

Sue Hawkes, president of The Collaborative Companies in Boston, the sales representative for Ink Block, said there's still a "strong mix" of condos available within the eight-story Sepia - studios, one-, two- and three-bedroom units.

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